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You were once explorers and pioneers who discovered this new land called Runikend.  You have now also become new colonists who want to tame the landscape and make it your new home. 

Each colonizer works to create their settlement town and grow its prestige by adding to it.  Colonists build new parts of their small town and expand it into a large city, to build their reputation as being the greatest pioneer of the land.

You must build your town into a glorious city before others colonize the new land first and become its new king.  Be wary of other pioneers though, for they want to become the new king of Runikend too.

The colonizers will attack other pioneer villages before they are built into big cities, and raze their new buildings to the ground.  The pioneer king-to-be must conquer their enemies before they are attacked and defeated by them.

Welcome to the shores of...



Grow the reputation of your settlement to attract more inhabitants and grow a village into a large city to become the new King of Runikend.  Reputation is earned by adding prominent structures and other notable parts to your settlement that have prestige value.  You win the game and become the King of Runikend if you have built a large city (earning 30 prestige points or more) at any point during the game.

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